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Instructions on how to get electricity from fruit

Light up a light bulb!

Although challenging, you can make enough electricity from fruits to light up a small light bulb. To be more precise, it’s not the physical size of the light bulb that matters. You really need a light bulb that requires very low voltage and very low current.

What materials do I need?

The materials you need for making fruit batteries and performing related experiments are:

  1. Pieces of copper sheet metal.
    Copper can easily be found in some hardware stores. You can also purchase copper electrodes from MiniScience.com or other science suppliers.
  2. Pieces of Zinc sheet metal.
    Zinc is often hard to find. Most hardware stores do not sell zinc. Zinc electrode is easily available from MiniScience.com and some other science suppliers.
  3. Low voltage light bulb.
    Small 1.2 volt light bulbs are available in some hardware stores, some dollar stores and MiniScience.com online store.
  4. A multimeter.
    Multimeter is a device that can measure the electrical voltage, electrical current, electrical resistance and check continuity. Not all multimeters are good for this experiment. Since fruits do not produce high voltage, you need a multimeter that can measure low voltages. Do not use digital multimeters for this project. Analog multimeters are the best choices for beginners. Analog multimeters can measure voltage without having a battery inside. The best multimeter for this project is AMM360.
  5. Connecting Wires.
    Use wire leads with alligator clips in both ends for easy and quick connections.
  • http://www.miniscience.com/link/make_electricity.html

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