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Is there any scientific research in homeopathy

One View: No

If there were, believers of homeopathy would surely quote the results of such tests. The apparent lack of such test results indicates that there is none. Evidence for the efficacy of homeopathy relies almost exclusively on testimonial evidence, which is scientifically invalid. Testimonial evidence is not scientific for the following reasons:

  • It does not take into consideration the total number of people tried it.
  • It only reflects the opinions of those who choose to relay it (usually those who improved)
  • Information is not collected uniformly. (i.e. after one week,year, etc)
  • It usually contains opinions of those whose condition improved by itself, or by other means.
  • It is never collected from those who die.

The concept of clinical testing is a tried and tested method for proving the efficacy or effectiveness of a drug, remedy or therapy. It is as old as medicine itself whether it be herbal, alternative or modern medicine. It is hard to believe that any form of medication is not developed without the very minimal tests required to ascertain that it will firstly not kill the patient and secondly improve, however minimally, their affliction. Never avoid medical treatment for life threatening conditions.

Another View: Yes

There are some reliable studies including double-blind clinical studies which shows the evidence that Homeopathic remedies have effect more than a placebo. Homeopathic techniques can be beneficial in many cases.

There is a lot of money involved in orthodox medicine and if people start turning to natural products and alternative solutions, then major drug companies stand to lose a lot.

There are studies, but the establishment, or the media rarely reports them. Does anyone volunteer to begin the effort? The concept of pharmaceutical testing is a recent one in history, and the natural substances, which are used in alternative medicines, have a history far predating it.

Natural medicines are typically based around foods or natural substances, to put things into perspective. Would we need scientific studies to prove that water is safe and effective for re-hydration? It would seem incongruous to test most of the natural ingredients of alternative medicines, as their gentle effects are almost equally self-evident with even a cursorily study of them.

Corporations tend to refuse to fund the testing of natural substances because they cannot patent or monopolize naturally occurring substances. Such testing would provide competition for chemical products to which they often have monopoly rights. A surprisingly large percentage of the “real” medicines are based upon plants, but until a corporation can chemically synthesize the plant material artificially, they cannot legally patent it for profit.

Homeopathic techniques work with the body’s natural defenses. This is exactly how homeopathic techniques are intended to work, following the policy of” “Doctor, first do no harm”.

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