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What holds chemicals together

The chemical bond.
A bond is formed when there is

  • sharing of electrons between atoms or
  • an electrostatic attraction between ions due to one atom losing an electron and another atom gaining it or
  • an electrostatic attraction between positive and negative areas.

It may be:

  • Hydrogen Bonding between molecules (As in Water or ethanol)
  • Ionic Bond (As in salts eg NaCl)
  • Covalent Bond (As in O2 or diamond)
  • Coordinate Covalent Bond (As in NH4Cl)
  • Metallic bonding (As in iron or gold)
  • Van der Waal forces also called dispersion forces (As in methane or oil)
  • Dipole interactions (As in HCl)
  • Or a mixture of the above.

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