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Where in the solar system would you weigh the least

Solar systems do not create the weight felt. The mass of the body you are standing on creats weight. The proper question would be what planet would you weigh the least? In our solar system the answer would possibly be mercury as it is the smallest however it is mostly iron which is dense so gravity would have a stronger affect.


Pluto, currently classified as a dwarf planet, would have less gravity than Mercury.

Various moons, of course, would have a lower gravitational pull than the planets, although many are actually larger and more massive than Pluto. So, for example, our moon would have more gravity than Pluto.

Jupiter, however, has 63 moons, the smallest is barely 1 km in diameter designated S/2003 J12. However, smaller asteroids would would have even less gravitational pull.

When an object is in freefall, there really is no definition of weight. I.E. one is weightless. A stable orbit is a special case of freefall where one is always moving away from the planet and falling towards it… and again is weightless. So, since the international space station is in orbit, one would be weightless while inside.

Likewise, when on a moon, there would be little effect of the planet it is orbiting.

The Lagrangian points are at a somewhat unique place where all gravitational forces cancel out, and where one would also be weightless, but would not be moving, falling, or accelerating with respect to the system.

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